Winter Gardens Theatre Bar

Step off the promenade… into History!

Our Victorian Parlour was originally just a shop front but is now the perfect place to sit and relax with friends, in the most nostalgic of settings.

Open during functions and weekends and serving tea, coffee and light refreshments, as well as alcohol, the parlour stands proudly on the prom, welcoming visitors into the building. A symbol that the Winter Gardens is no longer a derelict building, whiling away an hour in the Theatre Bar is like stepping back in time.

Launched to mark a new era in its regeneration and to raise awareness of the work of the Trustees and Friend’s, the ribbon was officially snipped on August 1st 2015,  and is open most Sundays from 1:00pm until 4:00pm.

Please note: the bar isn’t open during our regular paranormal evenings, but guests are more than welcome to bring their own refreshments, but not alcohol.