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£96,550 awarded to refurbish the heating system in the Winter Gardens Theatre in Morecambe to make it more comfortable in the winter months for visitors to attend shows and events.

The full bid was submitted on 22 January by the new board of the Winter Gardens Preservation Trust after a initial round 1 application of interest was put forward in April 2018 by past Chair Evelyn Archer with a professional grant company. The new board with the support of David Morris MP were invited to submit a full second round application to replace and update the existing heating system to bring to modern environmental and preservation standards and increase visitor capacity all year round.

David Morris: – Front Centre. Susan Thompson: – Front Right.  Susan Lomax: – Front Left. Stephen Jones: – Middle. Paul Anderton: – Middle Right. Professor Vanessa Toulmin: – Back Left. John Bates: – Back Left.

Professor Vanessa Toulmin,

Acting Chair of the Winter Gardens Preservation Trust Ltd

Chair of Popular Entertainment at the University of Sheffield

Submitted the full application on behalf of the Winter Gardens in January commented:

We are delighted that this award demonstrates that the new Trust and governance we have put in place since the sad loss of our former Chair Evelyn Archer demonstrates the faith and belief that national and regional organisations have in the future of the Winter Gardens.  We are indebted to the support we had from Theatres Trust, Historic England and Lancaster City Council in particular Tom Brown whose last minute advice was essential and the invaluable lobbying from David Morris our local MP that enabled us a short turn around in submitting this grant.  My fellow Trustees Susan Lomax and Martin Shenton alongside our Advisory Board Members have worked tirelessly since January to demonstrate to national bodies that we are facing a new start and a vital and vibrant future.  We are indebted to David Morris and our former Chair Evelyn Archer for paving the way for this to put forward this full Round 2 application in late January.  It was a challenging deadline for us but we are delighted that this was successful and hope it will be the first of many.

The award will enable us to put forward a new heating system which will form the backdrop of important renovation challenges that we face moving forward.  I am delighted at the response of local volunteers and new friends in helping us move forward over the next six to 12 months. My fellow Trustees and Advisory Board members have worked tirelessly over the past three months and this is a great boost for us in challenging circumstances.  The heating system will increase our capacity to open in the winter months, enable a cheaper and more effective model of running events and open the fantastic and beautiful Winter Gardens to the people of Morecambe and beyond.  When we have more information on timings and contracts for tender we will keep everyone informed.

Stephen jones

chair of the friends of morecambe winter gardens

expressed his delight that things were moving forward and hoped this would be the start of a full preservation and maintenance of the building to national standards.  This demonstrates the faith that the authorities have in our new structure and governance and we are delighted that all our hard work is starting to reap benefits for the Gardens.

David Morris MP paid tribute to the work of the Friends and the Preservation Trust:

 ‘I am delighted that I was able to successfully lobby for the £96,550 grant from the Coastal Communities Fund to enable the Trust to put in a whole new Heating system. This bid started back in 2016 when Northern Powerhouse Minister Jake Berry visited the Winter Gardens and met the late Evelyn Archer, he was impressed by the Winter Gardens and encouraged us to work together to submit a bid. I was pleased that Eveyln had been informed of the bid passing to stage two just days before she passed away, as this successful bid will be her legacy to the Winter Gardens. Evelyn’s sad passing, meant that the new leadership at the Trust not only had to put a new structure in place but had to quickly put a detailed bid together for stage 2 of the grant. Special thanks must go to interim Chair Vanessa Toulmin who put a brilliant bid together at such short notice.  This allowed me to ensure I was able to lobby the Ministers making the decision on the funding and ensure that we can continue to preserve the Winter Gardens as it starts a new chapter under new leadership. We have a fantastic asset in this building and I will continue to do all I can to support the new team in any funding bids in the future.

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