Haunted Happenings Presents

Haunted Happenings (Ghost Hunt)

Fri 9th Oct - Fri 9th Oct 2020

10PM to 4AM

Your Ghost Hunt at Morecambe Winter Gardens

The Winter Gardens in Lancashire is a truly haunted theatre with numerous reports of paranormal experiences. Ghost hunts here have left people terrified and apparitions have been seen on the staircase along with a very sinister presence beneath the stage. Overnight ghost hunts at Morecambe Winter Gardens will test the nerve of the most hardened ghost hunter.

During your night at Morecambe Winter Gardens will you experience the evil side of the theatre which is said to be present? Are you ready to enter its doors to find out?

Ghosts of Morecambe Winter Gardens

Morecambe Winter Gardens was visited by Most Haunted Live in 2008 and the location has become a favourite of serious paranormal groups due to the intensity of the activity experienced here. Ghostly footsteps have been heard along the empty corridors and shadowy figures are often reported in the upper balconies when nobody is up there.


People have reported being grabbed by unseen hands, felt dramatic drops in temperature and even witnessed Poltergeist activity beneath the stage with stones being thrown from empty corners of the room.
Morecambe Winter Gardens is a truly daunting and frightening location which will send chills through even the most hardened sceptic and you can join Haunted Happenings at this dark, haunted theatre and attempt to witness the Ghosts of Morecambe Winter Gardens

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