History Part 1

1908 Action,

The Victoria Pavilion
Is a handsome building, free Renaissance in style with Ruabon Terra-Cotta facade and constructed with two commodious balconies.
The frontage of the Pavilion is about 120 feet wide and is occupied by six handsome Lock-up Shops and a central entrance to the Hall 20 feet wide

The Entrance Hall
Is of handsome proportions richly decorated with coloured Faience Ware and the floor is laid with mosaic work. At the front Entrance Hall there are large folding iron lattice gates and four massive walnut swing doors with ornamental lean light panels.

Within the Entrance Hall on either side, there are ticket offices and Turnstiles and between these a Walnut barrier home ornamental iron panels. On the right and left of the Entrance Hall beyond the Barrier are Two Grand Staircases leading to the Galleries, past these and through the vestibule doors, there is the…

Front cover of the 1908 aution booklet for the Winter Gardens Ballroom & Victoria Pavilion

Large Hall or Auditorium
A Room Of Magnificent proportions with a Proscenium 34ft, in width and in keeping with the imposing size of the Hall.
The Stage is 72ft wide, 37ft deep and about 60 feet to the grid floor.

To the right and the left of the auditorium, is the entrance to the saloon Bars and transfer boxes and a promenade 14 feet wide extending round three sides of the hall from which there are two ways of communication with the winter gardens which can be shut off by fireproof doors.

In front of the proscenium is the orchestra, eight rows of orchestral stalls and twenty-one rows of pit seats and at each side of the stage two tiers of private boxes.

On The First Floor
Is the grand circle which is approached from the entrance hall by to handsome marble staircase, faience ware balusters and also by secondary staircases on each side of the stage.

From both sides the grand circle there are six tiers of seats and fronting the proscenium eight tiers of seats and two private boxes, and a promenade 12 feet wide extending round three sides of the hall.

To the right and left of the entrance to the grand circle there are refreshment bars and behind these is placed the loggia or outside promenade facing the sea and extending the whole width of the building.

There is ample lavatory accommodation on this floor.

On The Second Floor
or upper gallery, approached by four staircases, on each side of the gallery two-tier of seats and promenade 6ft wide and fronting the proscenium eighteen tiers of seats running the full width of the hall, under these is placed a commodious refreshment bar behind which there is an outside promenade.

There is also ample lavatory accommodation on this floor.

The Span Roof
Of the building (said to be one of the largest in the world) for a place of entertainment,) is 118 feet from wall to wall and 65 feet from the floor of the auditorium to the ceiling.
The whole of this immense dome is panelled in the fibrous plastic work in geometrical and sculpted relief designs by Bardell. on each side of the stage there are seven commodious dressing rooms and in the basement to suites of lavatories and property storeroom.

The pavilion gives accommodation for 5000 people and is provided with ample exits to marine road and bath street.

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