Where To Stay, Eat & Other Useful Info.

Sponsor A Chair

After 3 years your plaque will remain in situ until it has been replaced with a new sponsor, however if you feel like sponsoring a seat again, a lower price will be offered.

Each sponsor will get a: –
Letter on behalf from the Chair of the Friends, thanking you for your support.
A Certificate of Authenticity

Can I smoke/use an e-cigarette (vaping) in the venue?

In accordance with legislation in England, smoking is prohibited in all internal areas of the venue. This includes the use of e-cigarettes.

Can I bring a bag into the venue during events?

Small bags, such as handbags and small carrier/shopping bags, are permitted into the venue. Suitcases, large handbags (A3 size/30cm x 42cm and above) , backpacks/rucksacks are not permitted at events.

Can I bring a ‘selfie Stick’ to the event?

‘Selfie Sticks’ are not permitted into the venue during events.

Can I bring a camera/video camera to the event?

In general audio and video recording equipment and professional cameras (SLR types and those with detachable lenses) are not permitted into events. However, small non-professional cameras and phone cameras may be permitted, unless otherwise specified by the event organiser. For further clarification of this policy for a specific event, please email the venue. Professional photographers must contact the event organiser and the venue directly for express permission to photograph/record their event.

Who owns the building?

The building is owned by the Trustees who are “looking after it” for the people of Morecambe and visitors from all over the country.

When did it open?

It opened in 1897 and was known as The Victoria Pavilion

Can I just call in?

Yes but we are currently only open on Sundays, between May & September and Special events between 1PM – 4PM,

How much is it to get in?

It is free entry to come inside (but you are offered the chance to donate to our charity).  Guided tours are available, please come in to find out pricing for private group tours.

Where can I park?

There is a large car park on the sea front opposite the Winter Gardens. It is a pay and display but free of charge from 6pm.

Parking at the rear of the theatre is strictly for Volunteers and Event organisers.

How long are the shows?

The timing of a show depends on each individual event, but if shows last more than two hours then there is a 20 minute interval.

Do you accept concessions?

Yes we do. Please check each individual show for the concession offering.

Can I bring my baby?

Yes. We have changing facilities in the theatre

Can I take food and drink into the theatre?

No, outside food and drinks are not permitted inside, this includes during events.  We have a Bar & Cafe area where hot and alcoholic drinks are served as well as light snacks and other refreshments. All money made from the cafe and bar goes into our restoration fund. Visitors are welcome to purchase food and drink from the bar, but it must be consumed there.

Can I take photos while visiting?

Yes.  As the Winter Buildings is a building with such historical interest, However professional photographers must contact the office and fill out our consent form. Any photos taken within the building must only be done so with express permission form the management. Any monies made from the sale of photos must be donated to the Friends of the Winter Gardens Fund.

Will I be allowed in if I arrive late?

Yes. No problem

Do you provide work experience opportunities

Yes we do.  If you are 16 years of age or over, and are interested in work experience, please contact us either by phone or by email.

Is seating reserved?

It depends on the specific performance.  To learn more about the event please head to our Events page.

Are you interested in taking my show?

Yes. We are always interested in talking to producers or promoters who are looking for a venue for their performance. Please contact us either by phone or by email.

Can I swap my ticket for another night?

On occasions we can provide refunds for tickets that can’t be used.  Each case is looked at on its own merits.  Please call for details.

Are there toilets?

Yes.  There are many toilets on each side of the theatre

Is there disabled access?

Yes*, the theatre and bar is all on one level.  Although the floor is on a slope there are no steps and most areas are accessible in a wheel chair.  We also have clean and well-presented disabled toilets. *Please note: disabled access is available in the downstairs areas only.

Is there heating?

In the last twelve months new doors have been put into the theatre to keep the heat in. We understand there have been performances where the audience have been cold and the team are looking at a permanent heating solution to be implemented next year.  In the meantime, hot air blowers have been installed and we advise visitors to wear warm clothing during the winter months.