What lies behind those doors?

If you’ve ever walked by the Winter Gardens and wondered what lies behind its distinctive doors, maybe now’s the time to find out. Guided tours are available on Sundays to anyone who wishes to drop in. Alternatively, visit the venue mid-week and book your slot in advance.

Run by Peter Wade and Sue Lomax, guided tours are recommended for up to 15 people at a time and give you the chance to take in the theatre’s architecture and enjoy a glimpse behind the scenes.  you’ll tour around the theatre for about an hour.  You’ll get to see back stage and even be able to step onto the iconic stage where so many famous names have performed over the years. The tour guide will be able to answer any questions you have and there is time at the end to talk about the Winter Garden’s future and the plans for its regeneration. 

We advise visitors to wear warm clothing and sensible shoes. Visitors are asked to wear a hard hat during their tour (which are provided). Summer time opening hours differ. Tour’s are bookable in advance. Sunday Tours are walk in 1pm-2pm.

Tours include information on:
    • The history of the Winter Gardens
    • Who has performed here
    • When it was first built
    • Renovations to date
    • The future of the venue
  • How to become a friend of The Winter Gardens

Interested in bringing a group or school visit? to us, Please visit our Group/School bookings page.