Theatres At Risk 2019

Over the past 122 years the stage of the Morecambe Winter Gardens has been graced by stars of variety, television and music. From Tommy Steele, the Rolling Stones, The Who and Shirley Bassey to variety legends George Formby, Gracie Fields, Hollywood stars Laurel and Hardy, for over a century it was the premier entertainment venue in the resort.  Built under the supervision of the legendary theatre architect Frank Matcham, with Mangnall and Littlewood who also designed the magnificent Empress Ballroom in Blackpool’s Winter Gardens, this magnificent building was saved for the nation by the Friends of the Winter Gardens in 2006. 

The Trustees of the Winter Gardens Preservation Trust, Professor Vanessa Toulmin, Martin Shenton and Susan Lomax are working with Historic England, Theatres Trust and Lancaster City Council alongside the Friends of the Winter Gardens to ensure its future is bright.   Acting Chair Professor Vanessa Toulmin on behalf of the Trustees , states –

“We are gratified that the Theatres Trust have both highlighted the importance of Morecambe Winter Gardens and its potential as a sustainable working space.  Due to the fantastic work of the Friends for the past twenty years we are on the verge of enabling a great and creative future.  We welcome the support of heritage professionals, the Local Authority and the love and passion of our friends and volunteers to help us take the next steps.”


Grant Money Approved!

£96,550 awarded to refurbish the heating system in the Winter Gardens Theatre in Morecambe to make it…

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Moving Forward!

Had five busy days of cleaning painting and meetings with Historic England Theatres Trust and conservation experts…

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New board of trustees promise “Great & Creative Future” for Morecambe’s Winter Gardens.

News from Morecambe The Visitor Newspaper Tue 12th February 2019 Plans to lead Morecambe’s Winter Gardens into a “great…

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