The Other Side Paranormal Group

The Other Side Paranormal Group

Sat 25th Jan - Sun 26th Jan 2020

10PM to 4AM

The Morecambe Winter Gardens is an extremely haunted theatre and a firm favourite of ours. Once known as the Victorian Pavilion, it opened in 1897 and could seat over 2000 people.

At the time it boasted a ballroom, a number of bars, a billiard hall and even an aquarium. Now it stands just as proudly on the Morecambe seafront and whilst it closed its doors in the late 1970s, the building which was suffering structurally at the time now pulls in visitors from around the country.

The land which the Morecambe Winter Gardens stands on is of an old seawater bath and some of these features can still be seen in one of the dark cellar areas. Designed by architects Magnall and Littlewood were originally built as an extension to the existing Winter Gardens complex which has since been demolished.

There are countless reports of paranormal activity at this location ranging from knocking and banging to full-on apparitions and poltergeist activity. The Winter Gardens was visited by Most Haunted in 2008 and ghost hunts at this amazing place have left many people terrified and others refuse to spend time alone in many of the areas here.

There are reports of dark and sinister apparitions and many visitors have felt extremely uncomfortable, particularly in the area of the stage. There are reports of a former performer at the theatre who still performs on the stage and likes to make themselves known to all visitors.

Ghost hunts here can be one of the scariest experiences most people will ever encounter. Do you have what it takes to enter some of the darkest places we have ever entered? Are you ready to enter this incredibly terrifying location with The Other Side Paranormal Group and become the investigator for the night?

What’s Included?

  • A guided tour of the building with the lights on by a member of the ‘friends of the winter gardens’ team
  • Work in smaller and more personal groups
  • Take part in a variety of activities such as glass divination, table tipping, séances and Ouija boards
  • Use of ghost hunting equipment such as K-II, EDI+ meter, trigger objects and ghost meters, REM Pods and more
  • Tea, Coffee, Juices and light snacks will be available throughout the night and included in the cost
  • Qualified first aider present
  • Fully insured event

Tickets can be bought at the link below

Morecambe Winter Gardens

Booking Tickets

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